Read What People are Saying.


I had daily headaches for years. I was convinced this is just the way my life was going to be. Imagine my surprise when after my first visit with Dr. Pleau I didn’t have a headache. I am pleased to say I no longer have to take medication for the daily headaches because there are no more headaches.

Brenda W.

I had pain in my lower back and sciatic nerve pain in my leg. I have had 3 low back surgeries and the pain returned each time. I tried physical therapy and steroid treatments. I missed out on a lot of opportunities because of the pain, which was beginning to drag down my spirits. A close relative suggested Dr. Pleau. I was skeptical but desperate. How foolish I was to wait to make my first visit!  The relief was nearly immediate and I walked out of my first visit as if on air.  The experience was amazing; not only did I feel no pain, but I felt spiritually lifted. 

Jean F.

My neck was so stiff and sore. It was difficult to safely drive because I could not turn my head without pain. Even sleeping was difficult. Now, after working with Dr. Pleau, I have full use of my neck without pain.

Gerry S.

I went to see Dr. Pleau for pain in my knee that was keeping me from hiking and exercising. Within 3 visits, the pain was gone. I’m exercising and hiking with no issues now! 

Danielle I.


I broke my femur in the navy and have a rod and 3 screws in it. It caused me severe pain and anxiety. I was taking 8 prescription medications, including Methadone and Flexeril for chronic pain. After seeing Dr. Pleau, I was able to get off the pain medications! I was beginning to believe I would never get better before I went to see him. He is a god-send to me!

Andrea C.

My son had been experiencing shoulder pain for a couple years which made him irritable. We were not able to pinpoint the cause. Dr Pleau  made him feel better in no time. My son doesn’t have any pain in his shoulder now, and his mood has been better and he feels happy. Thanks Dr Pleau.

Shalu M.

My larger prostate was causing me to consistently wake up anywhere between 3 and 4 times a night to use the restroom. Dr Pleau took about 5 minutes to ‘unstick’ my prostate. That night I was able to sleep through the night without having to get up. Since then, it is the rare exception when I have to get up once during the night to use the restroom. Problem identified. Problem fixed. That’s Dr. Pleau.

Curtis F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Pleau for 5+ years and he has changed my life. He’s helped me heal from old injuries that others had told me couldn’t be fixed. He is compassionate, professional, and highly skilled.

Carly F.

I’ve seen numerous chiropractors and none of them relieved my pain and discomfort like Dr. Pleau. His work is pain-free, gentle, non-invasive yet powerfully effective! I was pleasantly surprised that my shoulder/neck tension and headache went away after the very first session. He does great work!

Olga W.