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Oregon Licensed Chiropractic Physician

Functional and Manual Medicine

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Motion is life.


All of the body's tissues need to move and glide freely over each other for us to be healthy. This applies not only the muscles and joints, but also the vital organs, blood vessels, and nerves.


Motion restrictions can develop in vital organs due to injury, illness, or toxicity. When this happens, our muscles and joints have to compensate by limiting their mobility. If treatment of the muscles and joints provides only temporary relief, it is likely because that muscle or joint is protecting a deeper vital structure such as an artery or an organ.


That's where I come in. Using very gentle sustained pressure, we can release restrictions in the connective tissues, restoring the appropriate mobility to the vital organs. This removes the need for compensation so the muscles and joints can re-establish normal movement patterns and the tissues can heal naturally.


If you are struggling and you've tried just about everything...

If chiropractic and massage give you only temporary relief...

If you are sick and tired of being in pain...


Please contact me.

manual therapy

My approach to adjustment and manual therapy may be somewhat different than other chiropractors you may have seen. I consider my greatest influence to be the work of the modern French osteopaths. 

functional medicine

Medicine should work to support the body's natural processes. To be effective, our interventions must be accurately targeted to the metabolic processes most in need of support. Advanced clinical laboratory testing facilitates targeted nutritional...

chiropractic as primary care

One of the most important functions of the primary care physician is to support and facilitate relationships between the patient and the specialists.  To serve effectively in this manner, the physician must practice his or her listening skills.

Tissue Mobility and Function

The cells live within a structural framework of protein fibers called the matrix which they spend their lives building and maintaining. You can think of it as a scaffold around the cells that holds them all together, provides some degree of structural continuity, and is in a constant state of modification - being broken down and rebuilt in response to the mechanical forces the matrix is subject to.  The matrix is made of a few different types of structural proteins, the most abundant of which is collagen.

Toxicity and Nutritional Status

What are nutrients?  Nutrients are molecules required by our cells in order to carry out their normal day-to-day operations.  Macronutrients are large complex molecules acquired in the diet.  The 3 main categories of macronutrients are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.  Our body needs a constant supply of macronutrients to generate energy and to provide the raw materials for building new cellular structures and tissues. Micronutrients are small molecules required by cells to facilitate chemical reactions. Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients.