What to expect

Intake Forms:

Before our first meeting, I may ask you to complete electronic intake documents including a list of your most important concerns and symptoms. I will need to know your medical history, particularly medications and surgeries. Please review our Privacy Practices prior to your first visit.

Past Surgeries:

Please make a list of any and all surgeries and surgical materials in your body such as sutures, staples, screws, rods, pins, plates, prostheses, artificial joints, valves, or organs, stents, shunts, ports, meshes, or IUD. I would also like to know what medications and supplements you take.

What to Wear:

Please wear comfortable, soft, loose-fitting clothing made of natural materials such as cotton sweat pants or shorts and a T-shirt or light sweater. Please be sure that you have had plenty of water to drink before your appointment so that you are well-hydrated when you arrive.

Your First Appointment:

Your first visit will last about an hour and will begin with a conversation about your concerns and symptoms. We will also discuss your past medical history including medical conditions, past injuries, and surgeries. I will ask you about your goals: what activities would you be doing if you felt well enough? What would you like to accomplish? It is good to identify some goals so we know if we are making the progress we want in your care.

We will then do a physical assessment to determine exactly what needs to be done to best help you. The areas of pain are most often under stress because of compensation for restrictions in other areas. For this reason, the physical examination includes the entire body. The goal of the exam is to identify where your body’s area of greatest tension is so that the treatment can be appropriately targeted. If time permits, your first visit will also include an initial treatment.

Treatment Plan:

By the end of your first appointment we should have a good idea of what an appropriate treatment plan will look like. The number of treatments needed to meet your goals will depend on many factors including your age, medical conditions, the nature and cause of your problems, and how long you have had these problems. Your treatment plan progresses in phases:

  • Phase 1: 3-4 office visits in the first month. In this phase, we are beginning to introduce changes in the patterns of tension in your body. This will increase circulation in the areas that have been under tension which may cause some detoxification symptoms. It is not uncommon to experience new or increased symptoms during this phase.
  • Phase 2: One visit every 2-3 weeks until your symptoms are improved. During this phase, your body is gaining strength and resilience. You are beginning to distribute mechanical forces more efficiently and symmetrically throughout your structural tissues.
  • Phase 3: Treatment will proceed about once every 4-6 weeks until you feel you have met your goals. By the end of Phase 3, you should be able to return to doing the things you love with minimal or no symptoms.
  • Maintenance Phase: You may continue to receive wellness or maintenance care at your discretion. I typically recommend maintenance visits about once every 2-4 months, depending on your circumstances.

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