Dr. Pleau began his career in natural health care in Denver Colorado in 1997. He practiced massage and manual therapy in various clinical settings in the greater Denver area for approximately 10 years. During this time, he was also very involved in training and mentoring massage therapy professionals at the Colorado School of Healing Arts.

In 2006, after completing his undergraduate studies, Dr. Pleau and his wife moved to Portland so that he could continue his professional education. He has been in practice as an Oregon licensed Chiropractor since 2010. Dr. Pleau remains active in massage therapy education, teaching continuing education courses at Oregon School of Massage.

Dr. Pleau accepts patients with a wide variety of clinical presentations, from infants to centenarians, disabled individuals to professional athletes, musculoskeletal injuries to complex chronic internal disorders. He uses a very gentle approach to manual therapy combined with functional rehabilitation exercises to correct the underlying mechanical causes of pain.

For his own health and wellness, Bill maintains a practice of mindfulness meditation and movement arts such as Yoga, Qigong, and Taekwondo. In his free time, he enjoys creative story-telling and of course, getting outside in nature!

Dr. Pleau lives in Beaverton with his wife, Annie and 2 boys, Oliver and Theo.